Delivering creative ideas that sell and look great.

I’m a seasoned, hands-on, art director with 29 years of spearheading development and production of integrated, strategic advertising & marketing campaigns, product launches, print ads, collateral, web assets and internal communications for clients including Jaguar Land Rover, Sharp Microelectronics, Schwab, TeleCheck, Waste Management and BMW.

My B2B and B2C experience spans across many industries, including: biotech, oil & gas, finance, manufacturing, publishing and entertainment to name a few. 

Designing for your clients and company. 

For 29 years (one more and I get a set of steak knives) I’ve worked with both small and large clients who have hundreds to millions of customers. Three things I’ve learned to keep in mind, no matter those numbers:


I know the trends. I’ve seen them and I’ve partied with them, but I don’t design with them unless they actually make sense to a product or service. I mean, after a quarter of a century a designer should be able to be original and relevant. Right?


The advantage of sautéing myself in so many industries within so many markets is that I have gained perspective on what common problems exist regardless to budget or industry. I look for those unseen problems to solve.


Clients are people. Customers are people. The staff is made up of people. That’s the common denominator, the hook, the saving grace on any job that many forget. Remember that and relationships just seem to bloom. 

My Work

Communication takes many forms and each require unique skills, whether that’s a print ad, a video production, software or even ideation sessions. I’ve been lucky to work with clients in many different industries and have gained a wide range of experience and skills across numerous markets.


Kelly is one of the most creative and versatile designers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working under. His common sense and great personality helped make him a strong creative director as well as an amazing hands-on designer. He is a master at seeing the overall picture but never missing the small details in every project.

Lisa Young

Principal & Creative, Olive + Spark Design Studio

Through Kelly’s creative and technical acumen, he has contributed to many projects as both a team member and a team lead. He has fostered great relationships between co-workers and vendors and builds on those relationships to help ensure success throughout project completion.

Matt Jones

VP & Chief Systems Architect, Wind River Systems

Professional depth, or the mastery of a skill, is a necessity for any leader. Kelly is a leader who possesses both depth and breadth. From creative strategy to corporate branding to visual design, Kelly is that rare individual who can offer the proof of a portfolio as opposed to the promise of a resumé.

Matt Bontrager

Senior Front-End Software Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover

Kelly is an outstanding individual with a vast knowledge in his field. He possesses a great work ethic and morals for his work and fellow co-workers. I see Kelly as a leader amongst his peers with his ability to communicate, assess a situation, and act upon these qualities being an individual with innate leadership quality. 

Forrest Graham

Agile Coach / Scrum Master

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